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Complete Range of 12v Power Supply Explained

by Doreen

12-volt power supply adapters are considered one of the most common types of power supply adapters. These 12v power supply adapters provide a complete range of power supply to multiple electrical appliances. In this article, we will be seeing about 12 volt Power Supply Adapters, their features, and the products powered by them.

Features of 12v Power Supply Adapters

We will now be seeing the different features of 12 volt Power Supply Adapters, its application, range of affordable products and more.

1. Widely Used

One of its best features is its compatibility with almost most electronic appliances which makes it an ideal supply adapter. Often one goes through a hassle to find a suitable adapter but with 12 volt power supply adapters; one need not worry about anything.

2. Power Efficient

Power efficiency is deemed another important feature and finding a power-efficient supply adapter is not easy as it seems. Power efficiency is directly linked to economic feasibility and as result, it also affects our utility bills. The higher a power efficiency of a device is the lower will be one’s utility bills.

3. Affordable Products

Affordability is another basic and foremost feature everyone looks into. A product’s affordability makes it easily its establishing point as it is guaranteed to reach a larger audience because people definitely look for the price while buying. In that way, 12 volt power supply adapters are definitely an affordable product.

4. Available In 12v AC & DC

A Product’s availability is seen as an attractive feature as it is open to options. 12 volt power supply adapters are available in 12v AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) both which makes it a great choice for the customers. This feature is not found in many other adapters, thereby making it a unique quality.

What Products Are Powered By 12 Volts?

Below we have a list of products that are powered by 12 volts including laptops, gaming consoles, televisions, set-top boxes, DVDs, and blue-ray players.

1. Laptops

Laptops are used by almost all household people. The children use it for their school work while their parents use it for their office work. It is one of the most used and most necessary electrical appliances.

2. Gaming Consoles

Any household with children is most likely to have one of these gaming consoles. Games are like the rabbit hole for children once you fall inside there’s no way your heart will want to come out of it and as a result, kids tend to spend more time playing on these gaming consoles

3. TVs

Television or popularly known as TV is another product that runs on power and would need a power supply adapter. Televisions can be used for multiple purposes. One can watch YouTube on TV, Netflix on TV, connect their gaming consoles to their TV and do a lot more as well.

4. Set Top Boxes

Set-Top Boxes (STB) also known as cable box is mostly used while being connected to the television. It is because of this we get to access a wide range of TV channels.

5. DVD & Blue Ray Players

Digital Video Disk or popularly known as DVD and Blue Ray Players are discs of CDs that store a piece of certain information often a video file, audio file, songs, or movies..


You should consider buying Alibaba’s 12 volt Power Supply Adapters for any of the above products for it caters according to a wide range of options such as the output type (AC and DC), usage (laptop, electronic products, camera), material (Plastic, PC fireproof and PC), protection (OTP, OVP and over current) and more.

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