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Trendy Plastic Shoes: Why Are They So Popular?

by Doreen

Do you know that trendy plastic shoes are currently trending because iconic trendsetters cannot stop embracing them? You must have seen this trend with the likes of the Kardashians, Rihanna, The Bailey Sisters, and many famous actresses. They have flooded social media feeds with trendy plastic shoes. As a result, the footwear market currently features a wide range of plastic shoe designs, like heels, crocks, flats, and open shoes. Are you interested in these shoes? You can never go wrong with a purchase from Alibaba.

Why are trendy plastic shoes widespread?

Plastic shoes are popular footwear made from different artificial materials. The first pair was invented in the 1940s. Unfortunately, they lost their popularity in the late 1900s. However, plastic shoes have recently regained popularity and become among the trendiest products in footwear. Below are some motivators for their trendiness;

Social media influencing

Social media is one of the most powerful influencers in the fashion industry. Therefore, many people base their purchasing decisions on social media. Furthermore, social media platforms like Instagram also feature some of the world’s most respected influencers and trendsetters. Studies show sales for specific products spike when famous personalities feature them on social media. Therefore, plastic shoes regained popularity thanks to social media influence by trendsetters like the Kardashians and other famous characters.

Top-line designers 

Top-line designers like Jimmy Choo and Chanel have also influenced the popularity of plastic shoes through their incredible creations. For instance, Jimmy Choo recently launched a footwear line featuring plastic high-heeled shoes and sandals. When famous designers jump on a trend, it usually boosts popularity. Alibaba also features highly rated and recognized suppliers and manufacturers of these shoes, and you cannot miss an option that meets your standards.


Plastic shoes are unique products because of their material. It is quite rare for designers to create shoes from pure plastic. Instead, the plastic is often combined with other materials to develop soles and shoe parts. For these reasons, plastic shoes are unique and highly sought after. You will notice that even when you buy the plastic shoes in bulk for your business, the stock moves pretty first because of the uniqueness.

Magazine and blog features

Plastic shoes have also grown popular because magazines and bloggers feature them in their publications. Famous magazines like Vogue have public photos of world-class models in plastic shoes. Furthermore, bloggers from all over the world feature plastic shoes in their publications. Since these publications reach a greater audience, people get to see or read plastic shoes-related content and get to appreciate these shoes more.

Easy to style

Plastic shoes are also easy to style. You can wear them in casual, basic, and hippie style. Some risk-takers even wear them in official styles. Therefore, many people gravitate towards them because of their styling versatility. You can wear your pair with a nice top, shorts, and still look great. For an official look, you could rock them with a pair of pants, a blazer, and shirt. The options are endless when it comes to styling plastic shoes.


Trendy plastic shoes are currently everywhere, including on platforms like Alibaba. Depending on their design and manufacturer, you can find them at various prices. For instance, plastic shoes by one designer might cost more than their counterparts. The good thing is prices at Alibaba are quite friendly.

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